Clean, Comfortable and Convenient. These are some of the words to describe the USA FitKids facility.

You can see here a welcoming reception area, a comfortable Kid's area with cubbies, a soft mat floor area and a big red chalk board.

Also, we have convenient low-rise bleachers that overlook the Fit Kid Activity Zone for easy viewing by parents and friends.

You see one bathroom, that's the men's room. There is a ladies' room on the other side.

A cushioned pony wall separates the parents and the kids during the 45 minute session.

Just out of view is a water stand the kids will have access to during their session.


The activity zone is almost 2000 feet of rubber flooring and the walls are covered with 2-inch foam wall padding for added safety.

The basketball hoops are the appropriate heights for the age groups we will be working with - 6-foot on the outside with an 8-foot hoop in the middle.

Numbered cones will help the kids navigate different activities and the 9-foot tunnel and snake-like balance beam will be used in various activities.



Noodle river is filled with critters that the kids will have to avoid in a variety of activities.

The star circle is where the little ones will start each session and regroup between activities.

The bop bags in the corner make great targets for games like dodgeball. And the best part is, they can't throw back at the kids.

The kids will be jumping through hoops to play more exciting games, some of which will include soccer balls, bean bags and balance beams.

The high ceiling and climate controls will allow the kids the room necessary to carry out their tasks in a comfortable setting during the cold winter days and the stifling heat of summer.


You don't have to be a boxer to develop the coordination needed to hit a speedbag.

And you don't need to be Babe Ruth to hit a ball off a tee.

The kids will not only enjoy jumping through hoope, but throwing footballs through them as well.

On the back wall, you'll see that the kids will have to step it up to improve their agility and stamina.

The USA FitKids facility is designed to introduce many activities that will keep your child active and engaged as they work on their fitness in a fun, safe environment.


USA FitKids is located in the Turner Air Crossing Center at the corner of Longley and Mira Loma.

4690 Longley Ln. Suite 3
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 737-9440